About Us

INEX is a professional Event Planner and offering clients a wide range of turnkey services that includes corporate Events. Brand Promotions, Theme Parties, Road Shows, Exhibitions, Product launches etc.

INEX has executed numerous events and promotion specially in Govt. sector events and is known one of the remarkable innovative and experienced event solutions organisation in West Bengal.

Managed by a team of qualified and experienced professionals we have bridged a crucial gap between what is available and what is possible by addressing issues beyond pretty location and lavish hospitality.

With our corporate office in Kolkata we have been servicing the need of a vast range of clients with most of the desired equipments are in-house.

We can offer the best state of the corporate events at most competitive price. The level of brand interaction achieved through promotions and events coupled with relatively reasonable costs has made us the preferred partner for marketers.

Why Us

  • We have the infrastructure strength to take your events in any location.
  • We customize every events to your requirements down to the cost details.
  • We take our ideas and concept to that extent, which is acceptable to the most difficult consumer.
  • Giving each project, no matter how big or small, the same attention to details and execute on time.
  • We are passionate about our business and deliver extremely high service level.
  • We are accomplished negotiators and concentrate on maximizing your event budget, list reducing cost and adding value
  • Trust Us

  • Since long we are in the field of events in the level of State, National and International.
  • We understand it is huge leap of faith to entrust an events coordinator with your event. After all you only have one chance to get it right.
  • We build strong trusted relationships with our clients and suppliers, enabling us to plan and deliver top class events that entirely meet your objectives and deliver a strong return on your investment.