Our Prestigious Clients

Clients can expect a friendly relaxed relationship with our organisation, it will work firelessly towards the aims and objectives of every project. The ogranisation is constantly developing and enhancing its policies and procedures in live with changes in legislations and best practice. INEX wil go to great lengths to ensure it provide the best levels of customer service possible, which in why it's clients, like those listed below, come back to us time after time:

  • National Book Trust (Govt. of India)
  • I and C.A. (Govt. of West Bengal)
  • Bangladesh Deputy High Commission
  • Indian Railway
  • West Bengal State Export Promotion Society (Govt of West Bengal)
  • HIDCO (Govt. of West Bengal)
  • West Bengal State Council of Madrasah Education
  • Gellet India
  • Philips
  • Agil